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Maximized Space:

Clearspan tents by definition indicate that they clearly span a space, meaning no interior poles or obstructions. This means there are no obstacles to plan around and no site-line issues, which are common headaches when designing an event under a traditional pole tent.

Smaller Foot Print & Less Trip Hazards:

Full Blown Clearspans are staked only through the foot. This means that there are no exterior Guy Ratchets extending from the perimeter of the Tent.  As an example, a traditional 60’x100’ Pole tent will take up a footprint of 72' x 112' once you have figured in the ratchets and stakes. If you had a 60’x100’ Clearspan Structure your footprint would be just that 60’x100’. With this feature we can now place a tent within inches of aclearspan tent building or another tent, we can maximize the footprint and provide a clean look.  Clearspan tents are often referenced as temporary buildings rather than tents because of their clean look and building like appearance. One other major advantage to not having ratchets, ropes and stakes coming six feet off the edge of the tent is it eliminates trip hazards which allows for safe and improved  traffic flow into and around the tent.

Taller Eave Height:

The Eave of the tent is perimeter or edge of tent. When discussing the Eave height this would be the overhead clearance available when entering & exiting the tent.  For most pole tents the standard Eave Height is seven to eight feet high.  Occasionally you may stumble on a Tent Rental company that in limited capacity can offer a pole tent on nine to ten foot legs, but it’s not very common.

On Clearspan Tents the standard leg height is 3.4 meters which translates into a little over eleven feet.  This feature alone allows for and does many more things than most people might imagine.  Face value ofwarehouse structure is we can get larger objects into the tent more easily which is discussed in more depth  under Temporary Warehousing.

The 3.4 meters legs available on our Clearspan tents also make things feel more spacious.  This becomes particularly nice on large events with several hundred or even thousands of people under one tent.  A little more space above your head eliminates some of the claustrophobia that can come along with mixing and mingling with large crowds.  We understand that space is important not only overhead but also in the layout of the tent. That is why we offer Custom Floor Planning for all of our clients.

A Taller leg also effects the temperature within the tent., as you know heat rises.  When the tent is over 3’ higher at the edge than your standard pole tent it cools things down. Much of this is a result of better ventilation because more air can move through the tent.

Getting away from the logistics of the Eave Height at the end of the day when trying to make a statement… Bigger is Better.  Taller legs are more impressive and adds to the prestigious image that Clearspan Tents offer.

Rigging & Attachment Points:

In this day and age it doesn’t seem like there are limits to how an event can be enhanced by lighting, AV, or ceiling décor.  For some events all that is needed are a few can lights. For others an elaborate fabric ceiling treatment with chandeliers may be appropriate, or possibly dozens of LED and Smart Lighting along with Flat screens and whatever else the mind might imagine.

In traditional pole tents there aren’t many attachment points overhead.  As a result you are limited as to what can be done in the ceiling of the tent.  In Clearspan tents the aluminum frame that creates the skeleton of the tent makes ceiling décor, lighting and just about anything else you want to do overhead easy.  In pole tents to have an overhead truss, it typically requires either jacks (which take up more floor space and another obstacle to site lines) or an elaborate rigging system attaching to center poles.  In a Clearspan there are built in attachment points and brackets designed for the aluminum tracks to allow for streamlined installation of lights, trusses, chandeliers, TVs or whatever you can imagine.

Tracked Walls:

Anyone that has been around traditional pole tents knows that there can be some problems when it gets windy. For example walls standing on end, blowing, flapping  and big drafts can all be issues.  In Clearspans these problem just doesn’t exist.  With tracked or kedered walls the tenttent walls sidewalls not only attach on top, but also slide into a track on the side of each leg.  Additionally wind bars can be slid through the bottom of the wall to further secure the tent.  This feature alone provides peace of mind that your event can go on even if Mother Nature throws a few curve balls.


Engineering is very Hot Topic right now in the Temporary Structure World.  Without getting into too many specifics it’s important to know that all of our Clearspans are engineered.  This means that the manufacture has signed off on them indicating they will with stand high winds and many other variables that traditional tents may not.

Please note that these tents ability to stand up to what their Engineering says will be dependent on your tent company setting them up properly.  This means utilizing the proper amount of stakes for the soil condition and/or weight if ballasting is required.  When shopping around, ask your tent company what the staking requirements are to meet Engineering.  If they can’t answer your questions or get you to someone within their facility that can I would advise that you keep shopping.

When holding a large scale and/or public event it is important to talk to the Fire Marshal and Homeland Security in your area.  Find out what they are looking for and possibly even setup a meeting prior the event with them and your tent company to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In this day in age there is no room for short cuts.  Responsibility falls on everyone when a tent blows down.  Make sure your tent company isn’t cutting corners.


Ballasting as it applies to tenting is the use of a weight to hold down a tent rather than a Stake.   For many folks the first thing that comes to mind is Water Barrels. STOP! For a Clearspan the use of Water Barrels to hold it down shouldn’t even be on the table. It’s not safe. When Staking isn’t an option for larger Frame tents the only real option is concrete blocks & a lot of them.

Accessories: Lighting, Flooring, Doors, Climate Control

We offer Clear Spans in 40’, 55’, 66' and 82’ widths and we can provide you with virtually any length.

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