Does Mutton Party and Tent Rental deliver?

Our crews here at Mutton Party and Tent Rental will set up and tear down your Bounce House* with a K2 pricing. With a C&C (Cash and Carry), you will pick up, set up, tear down and return your Moonwalk*.

Are Mutton Moonwalks safe?

Our Moon Bounces* are as safe as playing in your own home, maybe even safer. We will give you all the safety instruction at pick up or delivery and the safety precautions are all on the front of the Space Walks* as well.

Where should the Bounce House be set up at?

Our Moon Jumps* are regularly inspected and when you or our crew sets up a Jump House*, it needs to be within at least fifty feet of an outlet, unless a generator is being used. You may set up an inflatable on cement and the use of sandbags or other weighting is necessary if staking is not a possibility. Gravel is typically the only surface not recommended and if wanted to be set up on a gravel service, additional precautions and safety measures will have to be taken.

Can you set up a Space Walk in a public place?

You can set up your Moon Jumps* in parks or other public places; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right permissions i.e. any special permits or access to power, etc.

Do you need an attendant to watch the Bouncer?

You WILL need to have someone supervising the inflatable Jumper Bounce House*. This person’s responsibilities are to limit the number of children in or on the inflatable at one time to ensure maximum protection and safety.

What are the rules for a Jump House?

The rules for using our Space Walks* are outlined in your contract and a manual for set up and tear down instructions is also given at the time of delivery or pick up.

What if it begins to rain while the Moon Jump is still up?

If the weather takes a turn on your event during the use of our Moonwalks*, we ask that you deflate the inflatable and cover it with a tarp which we provide (this is only for heavy rain) If there is just a light drizzle falling, you may continue to keep using our Jump House*.

How big of a Moonwalk should I get?

The size of the inflatable that you should get depends on the amount of usage that will take place. The standard size for our Jumper Bounce Houses* is typically a 15’x15’ jump space on the inside (18’x18’ on the outside). Our giant Bounce Houses* are around 15’x25’-30’ jumping space on the inside.

Do I have to put down a deposit for the Bounce House?

We do require a 100% deposit on all Jumpers*. Non-transferrable, non-refundable.

* Bounce House, Moon Bounce, Jump House, Jumper Bounce House, Bouncers, Space Walks and Moon Jumps are all in reference to the Moonwalks here at Mutton Party and Tent Rental. This information pertains to all the Interactive Inflatables and Moonwalks.