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How's your balance? Think you can stand on your own two feet? I doubt it! Try standing on the center of the Rock N Roll with other participants and see who falls off first. (2) players try to stand up while everyone else, wiggles and giggles watching the other players lose their balance and fall off the center pedestal. Not to worry; there's a huge inflatable mattress surrounding the whole game so if you do fall, you'll laugh all the way down.

Dimensions: 27' in diameter and weighs 355 lbs
Participant Specifications:  Min/Max height 36"-76" Max weight 200 lbs. Need two participants and 1 adult supervisor.
Power Requirements:  1 Blower. 110 Volt/12 Amps. Recommend that blowers are on a circuit by themselves. Blower has 20' power cord. You may attach up to an additional 100' of power cord. Minimum 14 gauge cord.

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  • Cash & Carry Price $385.00
  • Setup & Teardown Price $50.00 + Delivery Fee

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