Product Description:

Our Space Saver Moonwalk is perfect for the event that needs to be taken inside due to the weather. The moonwalk could easly fit into a two car garage. The moonwalk is avaiable for Cash and Carry only.  

Dimensions: 13' x 13' x 8' 

Participant Specifications: Min/Max height 34"-60" Max weight 150 lbs Holds 5 Kids

Power Requirements: 1 Blower. 110 Volt/12 Amps. Recommend that blowers are on a circuit by themselves. Blower has 20' power cord. You may attach up to an additional 100' of power cord. Minimum 14 gauge cord.

Pricing Information:

  • Cash & Carry Price $109.00
  • Setup & Teardown Price $Not Available

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